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Why Should Anyone Raise Emus?

Emu are one of the fastest growing livestock industries in North America. Raising Emu offers a High rate of return on investment. They are very tough, hardy birds that adapt well to most climates and conditions.

Docile, curious and easily managed, Emu do not generally show any aggression to humans, even in the breeding season.

Emu do not require elaborate housing and do well in modified older farm buildings or shelters.

Emu do not require prime farm land to be raised. Marginal land not suited for crops can be utilized. Fifty to sixty birds per acre is acceptable. Emu ranching is an efficient, environmentally conscious way to raise livestock.

Emu are not as labour intensive as other traditional livestock. Emu can be raised as an additional farm enterprise to what is currently being done. Retired or semi-retired people can easily manage a good sized breeding flock.

Emu are excellent converters. 2.5 lbs of feed to 1 lb of gain. Adult Emu consume on average 1.5 - 1.75 lbs. of feed per day. Commercial feeds are readily available at a cost of approx. $140 per year per bird.

Emu are 95% usable. Products include Meat (a low fat and cholesterol red meat), Oil (a highly penetrating, non-toxic moisturizer), Leather (a soft, supple, durable hide with a very distinctive quill pattern, used for the high fashion industry in products such as jackets, boots, belts, gloves, and accessories), Feathers (designer evening vests, hats and trim, fishing lures, and high tech environments for delicate cleaning), Eggshells and Claws (can be carved into jewelry and decorative items).

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Conservative Optimistic
No. of Breeding Stock 5 Females/5 Males 5 Females/5 Males
Acreage Required 2 - 4 3 - 4
Offspring Produced 80 125
Breeding Stock Feed Costs $900 $900
Offspring Feed Cost (13-15 mo.) $7,500 $11,000
Average Offspring Wt.@ Process 80 lbs. 100 lbs.
Offspring Sales Price /lb live Wt. $2.00 $3.00
Total Income $12,800 $37,500
Net Profit (in US $) $4,400 $25,600


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