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The following page lists testimonials from the Ratite Newslist

• 10 months ago while rendering Emu oil in a large pot (mixed with water to absorb the impurities and smell) on top of the stove, I just checked the temperature using a candy thermometer (85 C.) when it blew up all over my left arm. Being an ambulance paramedic I knew I should be placing my arm under cold water, however I thought I might as well test out Emu oil's burn treatment potential. After several minutes I only felt a slight stinging sensation and had some reddening. The next day there was no evidence that I even received a burn.
• My tenant's 1 yr old baby crawled under her jeep that she had just drove home. She came running over to our house, baby in arms. He had a very nasty looking 3rd degree burn across his upper back from the hot tailpipe. I immediately applied copious amounts of Emu Oil to his burn and gave her a large bottle of oil to apply several times that night and next several days. I expected to see a huge blister form and lots of pain and discomfort. To my amazement NO blisters formed and in 4 days the underlying replacement skin started to show with NO red or raw look. 3 weeks later I could hardly tell that he had been burnt so severely. Truly amazing. Russ Davis, Courtenay, BC 250-338-8227

• I burned my hands badly by grabbing a pan that had been in a 500 degree oven. The finger tips were seared white. I immediately applied pure emu oil, and added more oil for the first hour or so. Within 30 minutes the pain ceased. The next day, continuing to use the oil, there was just slight redness, no blisters or scars, and still no pain.

• My husband has two plates and fifteen pins in his hip from an automobile accident. There was sciatic nerve and bone damage. At the end of a day of walking and being on his feet he is sore and in pain. He comes home and applies emu oil. Within five minutes he feels better.

• Our physician's fair, red headed daughter suffered a bad sunburn on a small exposed area that did not receive sun-block. Within minutes of applying emu oil, her pain was relieved, and there was no blistering or peeling. Sue Kiselicka, Medford, WI 715-785-7677

• Our grandson had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, which created a diaper rash with a fiery red area like a burn. He was very fussy, and in a lot of pain. We put emu oil on it and within a minute the pain had eased, he quit fussing and was happy again.

• I use emu oil on my face and neck every day. My skin feels dry without it. Sharon Simington, Thorp, WI 715-669-5122

• Our acupuncture therapist is using emu oil as a carrier for many of her special Chinese herb formulas. She is very pleased with the results from these blends.

• Our golden retriever had a bad "hot spot" rash on her neck this spring -- the flesh was red and oozing, the fur was gone, and she acted sick. After a few applications of emu oil, she was visibly more comfortable and the rash healed right away.

• I made an emu oil, beeswax lip balm last winter that worked better than any lip protection I've ever used. Deena Gentle, Hillsboro, WI 608-489-3862 gentlrdg@mwt.net

• Two years ago I had a triple by-pass. Six months ago my feet swelled to the point that I could not wear shoes any longer. Doctor recommended Support hose. I tried that for two months. Now the ankles swelled underneath the support hose, and the blood or liquid could not return upwards. The huge swellings turned purple off and on. Doctor said, "Nothing else we can do. Once the veins are removed (harvested, he said) that's it." He recommended a specialist, but did not hold out much hope. What to lose, right? I asked my herbalist daughter to prepare a circulation-stimulating Emu-oil product. She did. My wife, who massages my feet daily with Emu-oil swears that my feet are a far cry from what they looked like. I did not contact the specialist, since the improvement in my circulation became glaringly self-evident. At the moment-- no more support-hose, no more hugely swollen feet. Henry Ruhe, Charlottesville VA

• My husband has always had a lot of cold sores in the winter time. They are on his nose, his mouth and large ugly ones. He started using emu oil on them as soon as they started to develop and they do not amount to anything. He swears by it.

• I have always suffered from a sore back from sitting improperly when I knit. Last week I received some "Circle of Life" (Fastrax) for Arthritis from Eggceptional Emu and used it. I only had to use it once and the soreness and pain disappeared. Don and Lois McIntyre, Box 104, Singhampton, Ont. Can 519-922-2402

Back in 1992, my husband and I decided to start raising ratites, and we currently own and operate a ranch that supports Emus, Rheas, and Ostrich..... Over the last three years, here are some of the many uses we have found for emu oil.

• We use it as moisturizer in the bath, on the body and face, and Glenn uses it as an aftershave to heal up razor nicks and soften his skin. We no longer have to deal with callused or aching hands (the oil does alleviate pain), and after adding it to our shampoos and conditioners, our hair is shiny and healthy-looking! Several pre-cancerous bumps I had on my face and hands have disappeared.

• I burned my hands badly with hot butter and immediately applied Emu oil and wrapped up the hands in a towel for about ten minutes. When I removed the towel, there was no trace on my hands of what should have been a good second-degree burn. No pain, the redness and swelling were gone!

• We get insect bites frequently, and applying a dab of the oil to the itch makes it disappear within a few seconds, and it works great on mosquito bites! Glenn was outside in summer shorts a few days ago and disturbed a huge hornets nest. He was stung at least seven times on the legs and a couple of places on the face and hands. He came rushing in the house and coated all the bites heavily with Emu oil. None of the bites ever swelled up, and he was able to proceed as if nothing happened!

• On a trip to Phoenix we took along a large bottle of Emu oil. The temperatures were well over 102 degrees in late May, and we while we both got great suntans, we never had to worry about sunburns. The oil appears to totally protect the skin from burning!

• On the above-mentioned trip, Glenn had all of his upper teeth extracted by a Mexican oral surgeon, and immediate dentures put in. The pain (despite medications given him by the surgeon) got to be too much to bear, so we stopped and removed the dental plates put in less than an hour before. Glenn's upper gums were heavily stitched in several places and totally swollen, so I recommended he keep them out as the bleeding had abated, and Glenn used Q-tips to coat his gums for the next three days. The pain was gone by day two, and on day four he returned to the oral surgeon for a checkup by the surgeon, who told him he had never seen stitches heal so fast, and the surgeon proceeded to remove all the stitches (usually one has to wait at least two weeks!). I found that when my dentures irritate my gums, putting Emu oil on the irritated spot stops all pain.

• I twisted my neck and could not walk without pain, so I applied the Emu oil to the neck base, and all the affected areas, especially the kneecaps and feet, wrapped my neck and kneecaps in plastic kitchen wrap to seal it in, and put socks on my feet to seal in the oil. Discovered during the process (insult added to injury) that I had a painful in-grown toenail (my first ever). Overnight, I slept in plastic wrap and socks, and not only did the pain stop by morning, but I could move my neck and body parts without pain. I did not even think about the in-grown toenail for close to week, and while reading an article on the Internet about the Emu oil's uses, discovered in-grown toenails listed as one. At that moment I realized I did not have any further problems with that toenail!

• We have found that Emu oil will cut the pain and itching of bites, stings, and even poison ivy and oak. We have a friend who uses Menthol-based products on his shoulders at night, so I asked him to put the menthol on both shoulders, and then apply the Emu oil to one shoulder and report the results back to me. He dropped by the next day to say that the Emu oil drove the menthol deep into the tissues and he could feel the difference between the two applications.

• Currently, we use the Emu oil on our feather-picker parrots, and they stop plucking, and start growing in beautiful, shiny feathers. Same for dogs and cats—flea bites and itching are stopped by applying to the affected area.

• Glenn's brother, Ernie, had a triple by-pass heart operation a couple of years ago, and as he is an Emu breeder, and knew we used it, he started applying it because the metal plates put in his chest to hold the stitches ached when the cold air hit. On a routine visit to his surgeon he was asked why his scars were disappearing 50% faster than the rest of him patients.!

• Several weeks ago, Glenn was aiming at a predator and the recoil of the rifle bashed the scope into his face, right between the eyes. He was a bloody mess, but he wiped off the blood, washed his face, and coated the gash in Emu oil. The bleeding immediately stopped, and the wound NEVER developed any "crust" to it.

• Glenn's brother, Ernie, has two teenagers who had acne until he made them start using Emu oil on their faces.

• A neighbor who works at a restaurant and has bleached, callused, irritated hands, called to say that another neighbor that we had given some Emu oil to had given her some, and she decided to try it on her hands, and that within one week her hands were soft, painless, and getting better every day!

• A visitor to our ranch showed us his psoriasis spots. We applied Emu oil to most of them and watched them turn from gray crusts to smooth pink flat spots right before our eyes! He left with a large amount of our oil, and his psoriasis is getting better ever day!

• A lady called who had somehow gotten hold of our oil and decided to treat her shingles with it, as her dermatologist had given her no relief. Her shingles were gone! She called her mother in California, who also has shingles, and her shingles are gone!

• I am using the oil on stretch marks on my abdomen from pregnancy, and am seeing a gradual reduction in the scars (have been using one month to date).

• Both Glenn and I, and quite a few people who know us and use Emu oil have found tremendous relief for tendonitis, carpal-tunnel disease (I have it) and arthritis. Some of us use Emu oil as the only treatment, and some of us use the Emu oil as a safe "driver" (unlike DMSO) to drive cortisone, aspirin creme lotions, menthol compounds deep into the skin tissues.

• Emu oil can be applied (even scented) to dry nostrils, and if you have an earache, put several drops into the ear, tilt your head, and feel the pain vanish.

• Emu oil is a fantastic sexual lubricant, and will relieve males of summer heat "jock itch" and rash. Now everyone will scream, "NO, NO, SHE DIDN'T SAY THAT," and then they will secretly go try it out for themselves.

Peggy and Glenn Griffin, Camas Valley, Oregon
(541) 445-2923 pgriffin@users.wizzards.net

• Eleven years ago I had 2 disks removed from my lower back. I was only 35 years old with a two year old child! For the first four years I could do very little — stand, sit, dishes, etc. just normal routine stuff much less play with my son. I am always plagued with pain. I hate taking pills for chronic pain due to their side effects. We became emu ranchers in 1993 and one of our friends suggested I rub some emu oil on my back. Finally, one day about 2 years ago I was waxing my hard wood floors and way over did it. I was in such pain I couldn't even stand up straight! I couldn't even sit-stand -or lay down, I was having such bad spasm. My husband said it was time to try emu oil. "What do you have to lose?" He massaged it on for about two minutes and I couldn't believe it! I straightened up, the spasms were gone, the pain was gone and I finished my floors! Of course the emu oil can't repair my back as it is now degenerating but at least I can do more things, be more active knowing when my back hurts more than I can tolerate, I have a release from pain. My husband was happy too, he

• My husband, J.V. had three cuts on his arm from moving birds. He put emu oil on two cuts. He now only has one scar! There's no doubt in my mind the worth of this bird and the oil it produces. It has given me back a quality of life I thought I'd never regain. Peggy and J.V. Finley Grandview, Texas 76050 817 558-1427 email finley@flash.net  

• I started playing senior softball on a traveling team two seasons ago. We play from March through November, approximately 100 games per season....During the season most players suffer from some injury, sore arm, ham string pull or bruises. Most are minor and can be relived by sports lotion. I started using Euphoria products. Several team members inquired about the products and started trying them. Now there are several members using these products regularly. I have found that almost any injury heals much faster with the added bonus of pain relief. If applied immediately after an injury the pain and total injury subsides, allowing the player to continue playing during the tournament.

I pitch and was hit by a ball on the right hand, swelling the ring finger. I was able to pitch the next day although my finger remains slightly swollen. This happened over a month ago. As I use the arthritis cream on the finger the pain has stopped and I can continue to play ball. We always make sure that the arthritis and eucalyptus/emu oil go to the tournament with us. Its is like the eleventh player. Gene Coufal, Manteca, CA

• Does anyone out there suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I do. And I have found that rubbing emu oil into both wrist, works MUCH, MUCH better to relieve the aching (so that I can sleep at night) than wearing splints and/or taking Relafan constantly. In fact; with all the keyboard "users" in this country, and all the workmen's comp claims being filed because of this growing problem for employers, (Carpal Tunnel) we need to provide information on the benefits of emu oil, to all the major businesses in America and their insurance companies - who are paying the medical bills for the employees who develop this ailment.

Many times, treatment includes surgery. And sometimes the surgery helps, and sometimes it doesn't. And the patients can be left disabled to some degree, even after the surgery. Personally, I have not had the surgery, and I can't imagine now ever needing the surgery. Anyway, according to Nurse Shirley at Bank IV in Wichita, Kansas; Carpal Tunnel is the BIGGEST EVER-GROWING "ON-THE-JOB HAZARD" for most employers. This might be just the "niche" we need to get our pain relieving oil into production in a big way. When I called Nurse Shirley to tell her how much relief I was getting from using emu oil, she was very excited and wanted to know where her other patients could get some of this oil. She also said that she'd not heard of it (emu oil) before I called her. That's sad, isn't it? Jane Helt SandCastle Ranch

• I have suffered for years with muscle spasms in the back, usually one of these bouts last 5 or 6 days, the only relief was from a prescription muscle relaxer, I don't know if they actually helped or just made me sleep through the misery. About three months ago while building fence, I pulled a muscle in my back, this is generally the beginning of several days of suffering. I had my back rubbed with Woodhavens Sports Rub followed in an hour or so with pure Emu Oil, that night I went through the same routine. The next morning my back was stiff but after a couple of hours I was able to get back to fence building, maybe at a little slower pace for the day, but by the next day was at full capacity. Don Arbogast, Dailey, WV 26259


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