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Emu Meat For A Healthy Lifestyle

Emu Meat

Emu meat is a great choice for the health-conscious person who wants a low-cholesterol and low-fat diet that still contains red meat.

Emu is a very lean red meat (97% fat free), similar to beef in both appearance and taste. It is lower in cholesterol than chicken and higher in iron, protein, Vitamins A, C, and B12 than beef. Since Emu is raised naturally in a fresh-air environment, our emu meat contains no chemical additives.

Emu meat gives both red-meat lovers what they want and health-conscious consumers what they crave.

Many Five Star chefs praise Emu meat for its ability to absorb a variety of flavorings and spices in preparing their gourmet dishes. A mature, full-grown emu yields 30 - 35 pounds of quality, great-tasting meat. In Australia, most of the 5-star hotels and restaurants serve emu meat. When Emu meat was so well received by passengers in flight that Quantas Airlines served emu meat on its first class flights for one whole year (in 1994). Normally their menu is changed only every 6 months.

To detect the tenderness of the meat, emu meat was placed on a grading machine, in the lab, and it was compared to No. 1 grade USDA beef of rib eye. With a Number 1 being the most tender, the emu meat graded Number 4 and the best beef rib eye graded a Number 10. The American Chefs Foundation (consisting of over 12,000 members) awarded a gold medal for appearance, taste, and overall impression. At the same time it was compared favourably with beef tenderloin. The Wisconsin Emu Association conducted a survey of the emu meat. The results were as follows:

  • 440 individuals were surveyed
  • Flavour - 19% rated high, 50% good, 3% rated poor or terrible
  • Tenderness - 76% rated very tender or fairly tender, 6% little tough, 1% very tough
  •  Acceptability of Meat - 58% indicated excellent, 28% OK, ,13% poor

Several Australian farmers negotiated contracts with France worth a total of $5.9 million for three years starting in l994.

If only half of the United states population was to eat 4 ounces of emu meat per year they would require one and a half million emus.

Emu and Other Meats Analysis

. Emu Pork Beef Poultry Deer Fish
Water (%) 73.6 70 75 73-75 74-75 82
Fat (%) 1.7-4.5 25 2-15 1-3 3.3 1
Protein (%) 21.2 18-28 18-22 23-24 20.6 16
Collagen 1.1-2 0.5 . 1.24 .
Magnesium mg/100g 29-31 17-25 20 20-27 29 25-50
Phosphorus mg/100g 485 . . . 249 240-500
Cholesterol mg/100g 39-48 80-105 63 64-90 . .
Calcium mg/100g 4.5-7.7 10 10 8-17 7 20-40
Calories Kcal/100g 113-127 319 157 114 108 70-120

*Source from: ADRIA Quimper (France)


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