Emu Oil Products by Willow Springs      

Handy 5 gram tube - available in 3 flavours!

Emu Oil Lip Balm
by Willow Springs

All-natural Lip Balm by Willow Springs can be used daily to protect and moisturize. Besides having Emu Oil, it also contains Aloe Vera Oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E for extra benefits. Available in three natural flavours: Orange, Spearmint and Vanilla     

  • Soothes and helps heal dry, cracked lips, as well as cold sores and canker sores.
  • Combats drying effects of cold and artificial heat.
  • Protects lips from sun and weather.
  • All three flavours come in a handy 5 gm tube and are the same price.
  • Just choose your favourite flavour and click the "Add to Cart" button!

Ingredients: Emu Oil, Bees Wax, Aloe Vera Oil Almond Oil,  Vitamin E, Essential Oil Flavouring

Mint $4.25

Orange $4.25

Vanilla $4.25

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